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About the Basic maintenance parts which we provide Air filter, Bolt and Nut,Seals and Gaskets,Enginering machinery oil. If you need other products of this classification, please send your requirements to us.

We provide Tyre(TBR), Brake, Kingpin, Suspension, Air tank, Twist lock, Fifth-wheel, Axle series, Landing gear, Manual slack adjusters. You can appoint specific brand of those parts.

Tyre(OTR),Bucket, Sprocket, Trackshoe, Cylinder system, Track roller, Carrier roller, Track link, Recoil spring, Bucket tooth, Cutting edge, Grader blade, Slewing bearing, Rubber track,Front idler roller,Quartering hammer . Also you can inquiry others parts of construction machinery.

Generator,Drive roller, Road blower,Circular saw,Plate compactor, Battering rammer, Grooving machine, Cutting machine,Concrete vibrator, Small milling planer,Gasoline broken pickax, Car finishing machine,Asphalt crack sealing machine, Walking single road roller,Hand drilling machine, Walking tandem road roller, Full hydraulic road roller, Concrete leveling machine, Engineering lighting vehicle.